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My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Now with more pictures!


Doodle of the Day - Chef George


Doodle of the Day - Green Dragon


Doodle of the Day - Campy


Doodle of the Day - Blackbird



Genesis Electric - Branding

I was asked to create a logo for a good friend's new company, Genesis Electric.  Appears they are taking off rather quickly - good news!

They asked I use blue and green as their colors (though no specific shade/tone).  After several tweeks we arrived at a lightbulb shape that incorporates the 'G' and 'E'.  It can stand alone as a recognizable logo or the full text can be used which has been the case so far in their application (business cards, tshirts).  I also designed the business card.

Stand-alone logo for Genesis Electric

Logo with full business name text


Business Card


Black and whites


Gospel In Film Sermon Series

Did some work for a sermon series that used a few films.  Print and web.

Print and web:

Web only:


Skycrest Ash Wednesday

Here are some work-ups for invitations and handouts for a drive-thru Ash Wednesday service our church is offering.  On Ash Wed, during a small block of time in the morning, our Pastor will be set up right outside our church doors offering to put ashes on anyone who chooses.

Normally, folks who attend our Ash Wed worship service in the evening get ashes (which they still can), but only get to have it for a short time before going home, so this gives people a chance to wear the ashes all day.

This would be the front side of 4 x 6 inch postcard:

Ash Wednesday is, traditionally, a time when Christians prepare for the celebration of Easter by spending 40 days repenting of their wrongdoings.  It's a solemn time where one reflects on the sacrifice Jesus made.  Often, Christians will give up something in their lives (food, extra-curricular things, etc), and replace those things with prayer.


Magic Eye Music Video - Young Rival "Black Is Good"

Fans of the 90's rejoice.  Unless you never got the hang of the 'magic eye' - the quirky books where you stare at a seemingly random pattern on a page, relax your eyes, and it reveals such amazing images as: dolphin, sailboat, disembodied head.

I consider myself #blessed to have the ability to see these images.  Well some band I've never head of made an entire music video out of the neato science of magic eye technology.  I had to pause the video in the begin to get my eyes to focus properly because the moving 'static' seemed awkward, but once you achieve magic eye vision, you're rewarded with Young Rival's Black is Good music video.

Link to article source, plus alternate videos for those that can't relax their eyes and instead have to cross their eyes.


This Guy's Vines Are A.MAZE.ING!!1!


What the Hell Happened to Movie Posters


My Son, Imhotep

Today we're starting and finishing my 8 year old's winter-break homework:  create a costume of an ancient Egyptian architecht.  We chose Imhotep, a famous architect, doctor, physician, chancellor, priest, etc, etc.  One of a few 'civilian' Egyptians to gain God-like status after death.

I'll update this post as we go.

Step 1 is collecting supplies.  Fairly simple - hat, tunic, wesekh (necklace), some gold cuffs, sandals, and a few scrolls.


Doing Something Great For my Mom

My mother is an amazing person.  Selfless, caring, humble.  She's done so much for others that we (her kids) decided to do something for her.  She never would have agreed to it if we told her ahead of time, so we had to start it without her knowledge.  We want her to have a new kitchen.

The current state of her kitchen is awful.  I mean that.  I'm not exaggerating.  Because she tries to do everything herself, projects take a really long time to complete.  Since money is an issue for a single mom, working as a teacher, putting her daughter through college, we are calling on her friend and family to help out.  There are some perks to donating, and on top of that, you'll be helping out a truly deserving woman.  Check out more at our Indie GoGo campaign...

Laurel's Kitchen


The Wedding Tree


At their request, I painted this tree for my best friends Mandy & Eric.  It was their wedding guest book.  Folks put their finger prints and sign their name somewhere on the tree.  Mandy and Eric's are on the swing.  This was my first hands on, not digital project, for someone - at least in recent memory.  It was really neat to do this and for something so special.

I'm awful at documenting my progress.  You can see I tried, then gave up about half way through.  So these are the photos we got peeps.




Frozen Foods inc.